Paolo di Giosia
The body is the focus of a recent research by Paolo di Giosia, author always anchored to analogical photography and traditional print on baryta paper in silver salt, that give his photos a timeless flavor. A kind of suspension treceable throught the production of the artist in which loneliness, exclusion, wandering and memory are central themes. In the new work, abandoned places, marked by the patina of time, changed in spare sets where nudity is part of a ghostly figure; an appearance by fleeting boundaries, almost materialized from ancestral rituals or imaginations produced by the diving force of desire. The bodies taken from Paolo di Giosia are simulacra, sensitive spokesman of secret, seductive machines built on the illusion to challenge the false on its own ground: the rapresentation. Spaces filled with riddles, in which bodies deny individuality, hide the faces to flaunt a physicality that does not admit mediation, become places of ceremonies, "fatal strategies" that catch the eyes. Umberto Palestini